My way of learning English

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Yesterday, there was a big bad wolf massive books sale which the prices were deranged inexpensive to buy.I bought 7 books, each of it is below RM12 -all of the books there were below RM12.I know right!It is crazy!I go there with my sister, her friend and my brother.My eyes were dancing and gyrate in a circle looking in every corner of the big hall searching for one genre I've been waiting to buy for.Fantasy/sci-fi. -incontrovertibly 

But unfortunately, I'm running out of budget >.<, damn you young adult genre!I only got to buy two sci-fi books and two fantasy book T.T.Preety sad if you ask me.Currently, I'm still reading Sorcerer To The Crown by Zen Cho.The writer herself is Malaysian, but now she lives in London.The book is very great if you're piqued curiosity.But I didn't want to spoiled it up to you.Got get em and read, or I maybe will make a book review in the future special for this book. -Maybe.   

Anyway, Let's get to the topic and stop jabbering.

I've been using this method to learn English.

First, read books.Like a lot of books, or read your favourite magazine or newspaper.It will help you with your grammar and vocabulary.

Secondly, carry a notebook singular for this occasion which is for writing out words that you don't understand the meaning.Write it down and translate it from English to BM or English to English * google translate
But if you are using an online dictionary for translating from English to BM, I recommend you not too.Because the online dictionary for bm isn't always right.Go get the printed dictionary for English to BM.It is more accurate and precise.

Thirdly, rehearse your English speaking skills with your friends.Either they pro speaking or not.If they're as novice as you.You can practice together.Two brain is more powerful than one right?And, don't be ashamed of your mistake.You'll learn from it eventually and be astute than you'll ever think of.And be confident.If you don't have the confident to speak.You truly are not ready to learn English.

Fourth, blog.Yes, blogging using the English language just like me and the others really help me and them and you -if you want to establish your own blog, to improvise your writing skills.But it takes time.Skill is like a sword.if you keep polish and ameliorate it.It will sharpen the steel and make it keen.Therefore, your expertness is beyond your guess.

Lastly, watch video or movies or listen to music for you to grasp the western culture of English and to comprehend its accent?I don't recall what is its vociferation, but you get what I mean, right?Let me give an example. English non-native speaker learns English from books.So they will learn "Hello, how are you?" "I'm fine, thank you." -well, some people does that.But it is infrequent.But people have the propensity to speak freely -if that is the appropriate word to use.Example, "yo, whatcha doin?" "fine fam". You get what I mean now?In Malay, we call it 'Bahasa pasar'.Correct me if I'm wrong >.<

That is all my process of learning and still does.I hope this aid you.Even if it's succour a little.Byee